We are a local coffee roaster and tea importer located in the heart of Linden Hills in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Our entire operation is family owned and operated since the 1970's. Our antique Royal roaster was built in the early 1900's and is gas fired and monitored very closely to assure the exact temperature and full roasting without over or under roasting. The freshly roasted aromatic beans are released from the roaster at exactly the right time and left to cool to room temperature. The sounds and smells in our Linden Hills store make a very special statement about the history of coffee. The crackle of the beans as they roast inside of the drum and the roaster's leather drive belt clicking as it goes remind us of the rich traditions of the past.

We have sourced coffees from many countries over the years and have built many direct relationships with growers and specialty coffee brokers alike. This in turn allows us to provide the best products available in the market today and we aim to continue down this path in the future.

In 1992 we opened a store on the 1st Floor inside Sears-in the Mall of America. It's a great spot to pick up fresh roasted beans, a custom brewed cup of Jamaica Blue Mountain, or any of our coffee and tea. To complement our fresh brewed beverages we serve scones, muffins, snacks, and other goodies.

We also specialize in the finest loose leaf tea from China, Japan, Sri Lanka, and have over 100 fresh teas to choose from. We buy our tea in small quantities from many sources so that our teas are as fresh as possible. All our tea is priced by the 1/4 pound but we do sell in smaller quantities. We also brew all our tea by the cup at both locations.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Who We Are....