The Island Of St. Helena 'Green Tipped' Bourbon

Situated in the heart of the main valley rising from the dramatic Sandy Bay Crater and in the shadow of a three hundred and seven foot pinnacle of basalt rock. This estate has been the main source of St Helena coffee while new plantations were being developed and coming into yield. The estate is undergoing continuous rejuvenation due to prolonged neglect in the past. This rejuvenation is now resulting in greater yields of higher quality coffee with a larger bean size. St Helena Green Tipped Bourbon is wet processed to the highest possible standards, with a wonderful semi translucent sheen in green bean form. This delicate bean, medium roasted has a high lively acidity, with good balance and good body. This coffee has a superb fragrant bouquet with no off flavors and pleasant floral fruity hints of citrus and caramel strongly hinting of its Yemeni.