Fair Trade Certified....

At Coffee and Tea Limited we give our customers the choice to support Fair Trade Certified coffee & tea by offering an extensive selection of choices. Coffee & tea are some of the most heavily traded commodities in the world. Yet many small farmers have been left behind by this boom and can barely afford their basic needs. As an alternative to business as usual, Fair Trade Certified:

-Pays farmers a decent, living wage for their harvest.
-Creates direct trade links to farmers and their cooperatives.
-Provides access to affordable credit, helping famers stay out of debt to local loan sharks.
-Promotes sustainable practices, such as organic farming, that help protect the environment.

These are not actors, but the actual people that grow the coffee and tea that you could be drinking. It makes sense when you can see their faces. TransFair USA is a non-profit organization that certifies and promotes Fair Trade Certified products. Look for the label.. Proof that your coffee and tea was grown responsibly!